[BANGTAN BOMB] 'Black Swan' Stage CAM (Jung Kook focus) @ 2020 SBS 가요대전 - BTS (방탄소년단)


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    1. kookie 1997

      Im here again for Jungkook ❤️

    2. kookie 1997

      Jungkook i love u

    3. Moonie G

      helloooo omg

    4. Nicole Kay

      HHAHAHHA kiata ahhaha cute

    5. Dalia Jarad

      Cool ...... Wow

    6. grace amazing

      포니테일 정국이가 벌써 두 달 전이라니. 지미 팰런 쇼였던가 그 때 처음 포니테일하고 월드 실트 난리나고 그랬는데 시간 정말 빠르네. 이제 우린 블루 헤어 정국이를 보고 있으니 :) 위험한 만큼 아름다운 흑조 정국이.

    7. • Grace •


    8. kookie 1997

      Im here over and over again because Jungkook ❤️

    9. El diario de Antonia

      La colita del jk ahhhhhhhh

    10. Googie Jeon

      Jungkook the black swan...

    11. Настя Морозова

      ꒻ꀘ ꇙꄲ ꁝꋬꋊ꒯ꇙꄲꂵꏂ ꒐ ꒒ꄲ꒦ꏂ ꌦꄲ꒤ ꇙꄲ ꂵ꒤ꉔꁝ❤

    12. army borahae

      He is... his ponytail I- I have no words, he's perfect.

    13. Nitro Kingdom

      0:37 lmao he is slapping butts

    14. Cheyenne Rose

      THE HAIR DNCDHJXSB I CANT I- it’s perfect

    15. Yuli Gruise

      great work, perfect moves, bravo Jungkook!!!

    16. SERİAL KİLER yedek

      Jung kook

    17. Grace Lan

      Just came here after watching mtv. For JK let's str3am STAY.

    18. Stream Dynamite and Life Goes On

      Now you got the blue hair...but it looks so bad😭 please get a proper haircut the color is really beautiful but the volume of your hair makes it awkward it doesnt suit your head shape

      1. Rakshita Singh

        bro I get ! even I dont like his hair style but know to respect it or just stfu and quit! U can explain it in better way lmao

    19. hakuna matata

      Kookie is sooo precious 💜💜💜💜

    20. Taekook loves of my life

      Seing jungkook in manbun can solve my 99% problems

    21. Hawa a

      he look hot with that hair, after joking around behind cam that hair tail somehow look cute lol

    22. Maryam Sheikh

      Jungkook's fancam helps alot in learning bts choreography, his moves are so precise

    23. Sci-C- 362 Sinku Raut

      OMG Jungkook owed me when he hit on jin's BUTT 😱😝😜lol😂🤣...he's funny although 🤣.. That's why I came in the comment section to see what people are saying about him & also to write down my comments (thoughts) on him.... LYSM JK💜💜

    24. sanem san

      Jungkook gorgeous as always!!!!!!!!!

    25. Lorena Weigel

      How is he so professional and hot in front of the camera and as soon as he is not anymore, he is just the cute guy doing funny things?🙈💜

    26. Maryiam

      He is professional and cute 💜our kooky

    27. Зуля Исламгулова

      Kiss Love♀️♂️

    28. Зуля Исламгулова

      Jeon Jung Kook 💘💋💕

    29. Зуля Исламгулова

      Golden maknae. I love you Jung Kook.

    30. Зуля Исламгулова

      Jeon Jung Kook superman.

    31. Зуля Исламгулова

      Jeon Jung Kook super star!!!!

    32. Зуля Исламгулова

      Jeon Jung Kook nomber one!!!

    33. melinda gomez

      Jungkook owns black swan....

    34. Mrityunjay Mandal

      Every time i see jungkook black swan 🔥🔥🔥

    35. BÜUYAMİN pekedis

      Best dance practice jk

      1. moonchild

        it's not a practice, it's a real performance

    36. Park Jimin


    37. Fabiola Martell

      Jungkook marry me pls 😭🤚

    38. Lia Dea

      Gorgeous Jeon JungKook 😘

    39. NZ Dark

      0:41 0:50 ...... poor Jin...

    40. Зуля Исламгулова

      So beautiful song.

    41. Зуля Исламгулова

      Jeon Jung Kook my Prince. I love you Jung Kook.

    42. Зуля Исламгулова

      Jeon Jung Kook nomber one. My beautiful Angel.

    43. Зуля Исламгулова

      I miss you Jung Kook. Handsome man.

    44. Зуля Исламгулова

      I love you Jung Kook. Handsome man.

    45. Saturnist

      Go watch the others too. Remember Taehyung’s words. They’re 7. 💜✨

    46. Noey Naka


    47. knksmyjhpjktjjbtsxbxbzbsh

      your duality wow just wow😳

    48. Галина Хузяхметова

      Chonguki, you're beautiful, your voice is charming, your dance is super, I adore you, my boy! 🙏🤗💞

    49. Hina Saiyyad


    50. Tsurayya

      KOOKU! 💜

    51. Steilla Jeon

      Jk ❤️❤️❤️

    52. Lee Eun hi

      Everyone: he's sooo hot While me: how can someone dance this well😅😅😅

    53. 아미

      정국은 매우 덥다😍

    54. Googie Jeon

      Jungkook...bestest boy...

    55. Suci Rachmadani

      Mukul mukul Jin lagi wkwkwk

    56. ANGELA


    57. Itz BabyYoda

      PEOPLE VOTE FOR BTS! There is an bilboard thing or something of 2021 VOTE BTS! BTS is now 47,22 % and Harry Styles is 47,09 % ! WE CAN DO IT ARMY! WE CAN STILL LET BTS ON THE FIRST PLACE! 💜💜

      1. moonchild

        that is not a real poll, it doesnt count towards anything. please stop wasting your time and actually vote for bts on kids choice awards instead

    58. natalia natalia

      I'm in love Jk 💜👄💜

    59. مريم حلاوه

      ilove you jonkook ❤️❤️

    60. Nathalia M. Freire

      0:35 ese niño sí que molesta, jskjsksjs. Amo la relación de hermanos entre Jin & JK💕

    61. Janani Durairajan

      Bunny 💞💞💞

    62. Yusra waleed

      No matter how much I try to escape Jungkook, he keeps pulling in 😭

    63. 레이니지민


    64. Amelia Putri Indriyani

      Semoga bahagia dan sehat selalu🙆🏻‍♀️💜

    65. Maria Pereira

      Muito ruim

      1. may

        se manca resto de esperma

    66. Maryam Usefy

      ❤️훌륭한 전정국 이었습니다, 행운을 빕니다✨

    67. Annuli Persiwahl

      Beautiful angel dancing

    68. Andrella Arevalo

      Jungkook in man bun will never be forgotten

    69. Rawan

      Wooow jk 😢❤️❤️❤️

    70. Melanie Mangga

      Love you JK

    71. Annuli Persiwahl

      I miss him :( hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day my angel

    72. # Seokjinista !


    73. Karin

      Happy Valentine's Day, I love you Jungkook ♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎!

    74. Reem

      واو واو واو واو واو واو واو واو واو واو ماشاء الله على هذا الفن الرائع الجميل المتقن المبدع المذهل المبهر المصدع للرأس من شدة الجمال

    75. Otsu Kare :3


    76. Annuli Persiwahl

      Hello love 💕 he looks sooo stunning here ! Prettiest human on earth

    77. Özlem Büyükavcı


    78. فايوليت & شارولت

      I let go of all kinds of music and fell in love with your voice. I love you jungkook and BTS 💜 بارتي بارتي ياه 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

    79. B_T_S X A_R_M_Y GEMS WORLD

      my jungkook

    80. BTS ARMY BTS

      يمة فديت شوفي الشعر عااا يجننننن حبيييت

    81. Stream Dynamite and Life Goes On

      Someone should tell him his hair looks ugly wtf their hairstylists thinking why are they doing him dirty

      1. Nimra Hassan

        It's your opinion........ But 90% fans loves his long hair and he looks more handsome and manly in long hair....... Even media agrees with it

    82. Elizabeth Guillen

      방탄 소년단이 해체되면 멍청하게 울고 그리워 할거야 방탄 소년단 해체 해 17 살이 될거야 장래에 내가 제일 좋아하는 사람들이고 그들의 음악이 나를 바꿔 놓았 기 때문에 그들의 콘서트에 갈 기회가 1 개있다 여러모로 슬퍼하면 우울증을 겪고 다시는 겪지 않기를 바랍니다. 인생의 목표는 방탄 소년단을 만나는 것입니다.

    83. Prasanta Kumar Mahanta

      Can you all can dance in song Unbelievable please it is Indian song but it was in hindi and english mix so that why I am telling please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Guys This is first request comment💬💬💬💬 for BTS please🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    84. Зуля Исламгулова

      Jungkook my angel!!

    85. Зуля Исламгулова


    86. Зуля Исламгулова

      I love you Jungkook!! I miss you.

    87. Zümral Arslan BTS 95

      Real BLACK SWAN Jongkook shi ❤❤💙💙😙😙🔥🔥🔥🔥

    88. 구희숙


    89. Nisha Sharnagat

      The one and only jeon jungkook. Love you.

    90. Elif inci

      that's the best focus for me. 🥰🥰🥰

    91. STELLA

      0:39 😹😹💔.

    92. نونو الأميرة

      WAWWW 😱😱 Very beautiful I love you 😍💗💗

    93. shabriiina nna


    94. Kim Tae Tae

      No one Not even yeontan Jungkook:slaps Jins butt during performance

    95. 뽀송콩〰

      이영상을 보먄서 난 머리무끈정구기도 귀엽다는생각이 들었따...ㅠㅠ

    96. Carie Rain

      Jk off cam: cute bunny who plays with his hyung Jk on cam: *rwARRRwww* im not bunny anymore

    97. SkyeLyn0901

      Put Jin and JK in the same space is dangerously chaotic and hot... 😂😂

    98. 던지기소녀

      달콤한 Kalash의 머리카락

    99. Clara Collin


    100. Miźumi Roy