BTS (방탄소년단) 'Life Goes On' (Video Call ver.) - Jung Kook


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    1. Tara-Alessia Ruuskanen

      Our sweet prince golden maknae Jungkook💜💜💜 So cute and love from Finland🇫🇮🇫🇮💜

    2. Baby Mochi

      It suddenly remind me of his Vlive...when will I able to get to see him again

    3. Patricia Moreira

      I love kook

    4. عآشـق‏‏هہ βŤŜ

      김남준 💙 김 속진 💗 민윤기 🖤 정호석 ❤ 박지민 💛 김태형 💚 전 정국 💜 방탄 소년단 💜🖤 BTS Aviwoo Throw in the avyo

    5. blueberry kook

      yes , he’s the man I cry for everyday.

    6. samii mamii

      Love you kook 🥺❤

    7. Sophia Lopez

      BTS is water. BTS is love. BTS is air. BTS is LIFE.

    8. فاطمه الشمري


    9. Khanzada Nazarbekova

      I am speechless. You are total art. Love everything about you. Those gestures, littles smiles and your pure eyes.

    10. Khanzada Nazarbekova

      Love you, JK!

    11. lali estanciero


    12. Gluglu .-.

      .-. i can't belive how beautiful he is

    13. M a r i a n n a

      me before I watching this video : 😐 after : 🙂

    14. Jungkook JK

      보고싶은 정국이

    15. Viktoria Gulyas

      Now he singing or just make a lip stick under the song? And wich is his part?

    16. sooviin lee

      I love you kookie ;] [LOVEE BTS]

    17. Марат Гатауллин

      6 625 560

    18. Марат Гатауллин

      66 2 55 6 0

    19. Deya Khalil

      Love love love love youuuuuuuuuu😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️my kokie🥺

    20. Sayantika roy

      When I will grow up I want to be like you guys.

    21. Evelyn Ferreira

      Millions of years could pass! He will continue to be my little baby❤

    22. everythingoes

      JUNGKOOK already set 21 records when it only 2 months into 2021 🤸‍♀️

    23. Nimra Hassan

      Guys please stream his be-hind video in which he talked about his mixtape and his experiences

    24. pragyan panda

      Our little bunny.....

    25. everythingoes

      Jungkook now holds the record of having the first and second place of BTS solo songs with the most weeks in Billboard World digital songs sales. #1 Euphoria (54 weeks) #2 My Time (51 weeks) Congratulations Jungkook! 👏


      Jungkook limdo sis

    27. Chloe Kwon

      깜짝 라이브 에서 불러준 무반주 노래들으면서 정국이가 생각하는 믹스테입 완성할때 까지 기다릴께 존재해줘서 고마워

    28. Briheem Baish7

      Ipurple you jk💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    29. Lexyy Nrfdilh

      Berasa kayaaa nyataaa VC 😭🤣💜

    30. Muhammed balaman

      👉❤ i love you JUNGKOOK ❤👈

    31. تاي و جونكوك bts


    32. gyoung

      정국아 예전처럼 온마음을 다해 좋아하진 못하지만 항상 너무너무 응원해

    33. fayy _koo

      the only word that can replace "perfect" is only JUNGKOOK

    34. mirima yuzil


    35. Ibeth Rs

      Mi bb hermoso

    36. Ibeth Rs


    37. Ibeth Rs

      Jk tan encantador como siempre

    38. I am Cha

      Jeon JK pwede ba kitang ligawan?

    39. Kate Alvarez

      Iloveyou love 😘😘😘😘

    40. Rachel Oliveira


    41. Sassy and sweet

      Jungkook is named by Media as the “King of Angelic Voice”, because of his mesmerizing vocals & dedication.

    42. Ritej Top

      나는 정국을 사랑해, 나는 그것을 매우 좋아한다.

    43. 7

      Long hair suits him so much!!!!

    44. Ibraheem Ibraheem

      فدووووه كوكي احنه نحبكم ارمي العراق🥺💜💜🔮🔮🔮

    45. army bts

      my bae🥺

    46. XxHazelNutxX

      Junkook Oppa how are you sooooo cute and Handsome??? Tell me the secret!!!💜🥺

    47. Celine The Corn

      Well perfect! 🥰🥰🥰

    48. hung tran


    49. KW

      Coisa que nunca vai acontecer é meu cll 100% >:^{}

    50. Jeon Belinda

      my baby my treasure i swear you're my forever

    51. Eduarda Lima

      Jungkook, miss you and i love you so much

    52. Khairunnisa Astrid

      very handsome I even watched this many times I didn't even realize that the video was about to end because I enjoyed this beauty too much.

    53. Rizzalyn Quebalayan


    54. Metehan Ayaiwwowlwown


    55. afsana sara

      Want a video call ver of blonde and blue hair

    56. Yasmin Lovian Indarto

      His face is brighter than my future .. Huhuhu .. I want to bite that thin lips .. Why He can be more beautiful than me ???

    57. Ye

      Attendance check !!

    58. GB

      My life ✨

    59. Erion Sadikaj

      I think big hit reads our message on weverse . How would they think for a fake video call😳😳

    60. martha aditya


    61. minhaeryn

      Most Handsome men our busan prince♡saranghae

    62. Kriti Arora

      Kookie my fav 💖

    63. Moe Moe

      So cute

    64. جونغ جونهو

      당신은 매우 아름다운 요리사입니다, 당신은 나와 결혼 할 수 있습니까? معجب من العرب🇰🇷😭

    65. nano nicol

      💜Jungkook small😊


      My baby 💜

    67. Rheena Faith

      keep on watching this everytime i miss him.

    68. Md Hasan

      I love you kookie 💜 and love from bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    69. Muthamil Navina

      My safe place

    70. Rojan Sangroula

      I love you kookie😁😁😁❤❤from nepal

    71. Vijaya Lakshmi

      Jaykayyyyyyy i love you!!!!!! Ugh his hair

    72. Зуля Исламгулова

      Jeon Jung Kook. I love you.

    73. Екатерина Шуханова


    74. Jdhd Hdjdj

      BTS 💕💕💕❤️🤩😘

    75. Swagatakookie

      His eyes = my love

    76. Swagatakookie

      Jungkook ah Do you know how handsome,how talented and how beautiful you and your voice is! YOU SHOULD KNOW

    77. Swagatakookie

      Jungkook ah Your voice brighten up my world

    78. Swagatakookie

      Jungkook The man with golden voice

    79. Kim Amy

      사랑해 정국 제일 좋아해 너무 사랑해 😖💔

    80. Gina Ibañez

      Jungkookie 🥺

    81. hii minari ;

      my beautiful baby jk

    82. hii minari ;

      Es inexplicable describir lo mucho que te amoooo ♥️

    83. Kim Jaylan

      I love u kookie😩😩😭😭😭

    84. 杉本和恵


    85. Mrs Nobody


    86. Lady cat

      I LOVE YOU

    87. Ayşe Dila Tuğ


    88. Purple Sky Tr

      I came again.

    89. sgshdkglfkfj

      This video just keeps feeding both my delusions of being in a call with JK and my phone's bat being immortally 100% like-

    90. Zzz zzz

      jungkook i love you

    91. SuSu San

      Help and save Myanmar😢

    92. Janaina Batista


    93. Zzz zzz


    94. zoe armyblik


    95. •Jeniffer TUBER•

      Noussa, magina o jk me ligar skskskdksk aaaa--

    96. Gulxar Feteliyeva

      I love you Jungkook❤️😍💜🇦🇿🇰🇷 🥺Life goes on🥺

    97. kookie 1997

      STAN Jungkook, STAN tallent ❤️

    98. kookie 1997

      I love his voice, his visual and his attitude. ❤️❤️

    99. kookie 1997

      Jungkook is my one and first bias ❤️